corrugated cardboard slitter scorer machine, carton rotary slitting and creasing machine

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Electric adjusted the space of slitter blade、auto pneumatic locking、Double guide optical axis、Double locking cylinder、stable operation、Convenient adjustment

The  knife rest built-in polyurethane rubber, dust prevention,reduce the failure rate.

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BFY—2500 type thin blade machine function configuration and technical parameters

Whole machine functions


A. Thin knife cutting creasing machine overcomes deckle edge, cracking and squash caused by bowl-shape knife.

B. BFY type thin blade cutting creasing machine adopts 6 shafts, it is easy to operate and extend functions and usage, at the same time it can shorten exchange time.

C. Mill knife uses automodulation and choose semi-automatic control and full automatic control.

D. Whole machine is order by feeding, slitting and creasing, and it can suit different requirements.

E. Lower shaft use steel tube encapsulation to avoid damage paperboard corrugated strength, press line shaft use rubber to avoid burst.







Main technical parameters

model BFY-2500 model
feed paper width 2450mm
blades number 4
pressing line number 6
minimum slitting width 160 mm
minimum creasing width 200 mm
minimum slitting length 450 mm
Slitting paperboard thickness 1~12mm
blade diameter 260mm
air pressure 0.2~0.3mpa
power 4kw
weight 2 T
feed speed 150m/min
boundary dimension 3300*750*1400 mm




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