BMY-Automatic creasing die-cutting machine

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Machine Introduction:

1.      Equipped with pneumatic clutch and pneumatic locking plate.

2.      Fidek paper feeding:Suitable for a variety of paper, high-speed stability, and easy to adjust. ,4-8 reliable separation nozzle means so that it is more stable and more accurate high speed. Ministries gas individually adjustable, so that the operator more handy. Double sheet detection mechanism extends to the outside of the machine, the overall adjustment. Direction with a stretch drive section safety cover to prevent entanglement.

3.      Automatic adjusting paper feeding, paper collecting and paper aligning.

4.      Automatic gripper type equipped the tooth row, open bite adjustable, under the help of paper, cardboard can run smoothly. Automatic suction suck about using leading edge of paper, tooth row gripper-style, curved cardboard and tissue paper can also be passed no scratches.

5.      Pneumatic take samples when machine working, can check the die cutting effect at any time.

6.      Dusting air guns, can effectively remove the template, and dust inside the device.

7.      Automatic lubricating can add lubricating oil on the chain gear according to time, extended the working life of machine.

8.      Using alarm bells agencies in warning tone when the device is turned to raise safety warning.

9.      Equipped with a precision of detection (Taiwan Riko) fiber optic switch, the paper is in place to detect and avoid paper waste.

Model BMY-1080

Die cutting type

Pressed flat die cutting(Lower side is movable while upper side is unmovable)

Max paper transmitting size


Min paper transmitting size


Max die cutting size


Min gripper size


Max die cutting pressure


Paper processed Ivory board


Corrugated board

Less than 4mm

Die cutting precision


Max die cutting speed

6500 sheets/h

Max feeding pile height

1100mm(above the level)

Min feeding pile height

1100mm(above the level)

Total power


Total weight


Overall size

7650x2100x2100mm (Not including the pedal)



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