Corrugated Carton Box Slitter Scorer Machine For Cardboard Cutting Machine

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Function and Characteristics:

Adopt front-scoring feeding, back double rubber roll leading paper, paperboard running steady.

Adopt electric adjusting blade distance, pneumatic lock, Improve whole machine degree of automation, easy to operate and high precision, save time and labor to adjust.

Slitting part: adopt high quality tungsten steel blade, sharp and long work-life, slicing more tidy, non-pressing and non-burr.

Scoring part: adopt 5 points scoring, scoring distance in-phase adjust, blazonry and easy to bend the carton sheet.

Grinding part; adopt automatic and manual two kinds of pneumatic grinding type, I t could be grinding when working, improve work efficiency.

Adopt China famous brand or imported electric element, dependable performance.

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Thin Blade Slitter Machine Feature:

  • Electric adjustable blade distance, pneumatic automatic locking fixed.
  • Thin knife cut, the blade after grinding wheel sharp, so that cutting the edge of the cardboard finishing.
  • Embossing pull the paper, that is, the first indentation, after cutting, and then take the paper.
  • Sharpening manual and automatic two ways to switch, choose the sharpening and stop grinding time, to keep sharp edges, so that the cut cardboard smooth and tidy;
  • Single-knife independent lift knife structure, according to the number of cutting cardboard switch;
  • Manually adjust the line width.

Thin Blade Slitter Machine Main Parameter:


Model 2000 2300 2500 2700 3000
Machine size(mm) 2600*750*1400 2900*750*1400 3200*750*1400 3400*800*1400 3700*800*1400
Power(kw) 4 4 5 5 7.5
Speed 140m/min 140m/min 140m/min 120m/min 100m/min
Max.slitting width(mm) 1800 2100 2300 2500 2800
Min.slitting width(mm) 140 140
Min.slitting length(mm) 435 460
Min.scoring height(mm) 80 80
Scoring height(mm) 0-10 0-12
Blade(mm) Φ200*122*1.2 Φ200*122*1.2
Blade&scoring composed type Four blade six scoring/Five blades eight scoring

Automatic Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Carton Making Machine


This machine is used for longitudinal processing of corrugated board, which can be used for trimming and positioning of two horizontal lines.

Basic Structure

1.Pressing  device: The upper and lower shafts are made of thick-walled steel tubes, finely ground, hard chrome plated, with pressure  wheels.





2. Paper separation device: It adopts alloy knife, diamond grinding wheel, automatic hand-held sharpening knife, sharp edge, processed paperboard neat and beautiful, and long service life. The paper bottom tray adopts the follow-up device, which is convenient and quick to adjust.




3. Chain and Timing belt





4. electric





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