Dongguang high quality 1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2500 double facer for corrugated production line

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1. The surface of the hot plate is vetted.

2. The hot plate is dense type, electric control or hydraulic control the up and down.

3. Can adopt Section pressure or whole pressure according to the layer of the production line. which is favor of the molding of the paperboard.

4. Up cotton belt is handle adjust the precision, the tension is hydraulic adjust. Down cotton belt has tension and left-right adjust system.

5. The cooling and finalizing part adopt denseness and suspend type press roller design.

6. There are skidproof rubber outside of the drive roller. Prolong the use life of the cotton belt.

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Double Facer:Best Quality With Fast Speed



Dongguang high quality 1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2500 double facer for corrugated production line

*double facer Surface of the Heater plate is grinded:Height 145 × width 600;with 10,14,18,20 pieces for choice. (Temperature display device for choice)

* Heating unit adopts concentrated press rollers;Wholly fluid power raising and lowering. According to the layers of the cardboard,hand subsection press and electric press are adopted for choice, which is good for the adherence and moulding of the cardboard.(With press board for choice)

* Cooling unit adopts concentrated press and carrier rollers to make sure of the moulding quality.

* Hand correcting the error device and S type pneumatic tension device are adopted on the up cotton fabric belt;(with auto correcting the error device for choice)

* S type Hand tension device is adopted on the lower cotton fabric belt;with simple and practical structure.

* Driving unit adopts oiled hermetic gearing; Driving roller is packaged with wearable rubber, which reduces the noise and improves the service life of the cotton fabric belt.

* Max. Speed:150m/min.

* Valid Breadth:1600mm-2200mm.运输包装




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