E Flute Single Facer Corrugated Cardboard Carton Box Making Machine

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Main Feature

  • 320S Design Speed: 120m/min
  • 360S Design Speed: 150m/min
  • Effective width: 1400mm-2500mm
  • Corrugated roller:f320(f360)mm

  • Design Speed: 320S: 120m/min
  • : 360S: 150m/min
  • Effective Width: 1400mm-2500mm
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    Main features:

    • 320S Design Speed: 120m/min
    • 360S Design Speed: 150m/min
    • Effective width: 1400mm-2500mm
    • Corrugated roller:f320(f360)mm
    • Drive reducer box with oil immersed type lubricating to reduce noise keep running stable. adopt gimbal Corrugating roller, pressure roller and glue roller by pneumatic adjustment.
    • Cardboard transmit adopt vacuum suction method, with wind control system. keep flute profiles stable of the lower-roller in the condition of running up.
    • Bearing of corrugated and pressure roller adopt high temperature lubricate grease.
    • Glue parts auto supply glue circularly.
    • The upper-lower corrugating roller are made of 48CrMo high quality alloy steel, after heat-treatment. The hardness HRC58°-60°,the surface be grinded.
    • The glue part surface are treated by special mesh snicked and chromeplated.
    • Motorized or manual glue width dividing to match the paper width.
    • Glue part can be running independently or non-independently while stopped.

    Fingerless double flute single facer SF-380T

    Main featrues:

    • Design Speed: 200m/min
    • Effective width: 1400mm-2500mm
    • Corrugated roller:f380mm
    • pre-heater roller: 400mm
    • Vacuum suction paper leading features perfect flute formation.
    • Dual flute structure, one pair flute rollers unit working and another pre-heating, achieve flute changing quickly. Save working space.
    • PLC control system, touch screen display all running data, easy for operation.
    • The flute rollers made by special alloy steel with hardness treatment, it is chrome or adopt tungsten carbide flute rollers are optional.
    • The independent driving box, five driver axis, all fears with hardness treatment, oil spray lubricating by oil pump to reduce noise keep running stable, prolong the use life of gear.
    • Adopt glue width motorized dividing to match the paper width.
    • Idle running motor for glue applicator roll to avoid glue dry.
    • Adjustment for gap between glue roller and doctor roller by electric.
    • digital read out for to gap between glue roller and doctor roll.
    • Glue unit can be moved by pneumatic.
    • Flute rollers and pressure roller controlled by hydraulic system, working pressure stable.
    • With water spray device for adjust moisture capacity of flute paper.
    • This dual flute machine suit for single facer paperboard production line—2 layer and corrugated cardboard production line—3,5,7 layer.
    • Width high market competitive power.



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