Factory Price Carton Box Corrugated Making Machine Price

Short Description:

Main features:

1.      Lead edge vacuum sucking feeding cardboard

2.      auto ink circulation system

3.      Fully electric control slotting creasing slitting knives which is easy to change order.

4.      The gear of the machine: Auto lubrication with oil

5.      Machine body thickness:50mm

6.      Automatic separation, pneumatic lock up.

7.      Max feeding paper size: 2400x890mm      Max printing size:2200x890mm

8.      Machine design speed:200pieces/min

9.      Working speed: 180pieces/min

Product Detail

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High Speed Flexo Printing Slotting And Rotary Die Cutting Machine



1.      New design of making machine and electricity into the whole. With beautiful out look, fixed structure, high auto level.

2.      Printing phase and slotting phase with360° phase with electric digital adjustment

3.      The phase adjusting adoption-stop-working, 360o electrical and numerical adjustment. Input the data asper the error. Automatically adjust

4.      Paper-feeding roller: The upper axle adopts ginning paper-feeding wheel while the lower axle adopts steel ginning roller. The surface hard chromium-plating guarantees the smooth feeding of the paperboard and does not damage the corrugated cap

5.      With high precision of process printing, the error chromatic printing is little and easy operation.

6.      Separation by electricity and pneumatic locking up, pneumatic raising plate and auto adjusting ink..

7.      The hint of alarm bell and hamper to increase the safety in operation.

8.      Automatic counting device is adopted which can control the production quantity properly.

9.      Having the Auto lubrication device which can prolong the life of the gear

Ink circulating system

1.      The anilox roller adopts the steel material 220 wire combined anilox roller.

2.      The rubber roller is made up of natural oil proof, acid proof and alkali proof rubber.

3.      Pneumatic diaphragm pump inking, automatic circulating. Automatic cleaning after adding water.

4.      Stop working to distribute ink. Stop working and the work of the ink circulating system for a short time.Cleaning-free to guarantee the quality of the printed things and make the inking color showing no difference.

5.      Pneumatic control of the anilox and rubber rollers of the ink circulating system. Quick lifting can print more tiny script, fine pattern or color process.

Lead feeder

  • Automatic suction lead edge feeder equipped with a 7.5 kw suction fan to feeding cardboard, the blowing rate is adjustable by the transducer according to the degree of crook of cardboard in order to transmit cardboard smoothly.
  • Use 7inch touch screen
  • The main control pannel is composed of control buttons and touch screen, which is very convenient and reliable.
  • The machine is launched by pressing the start button with two hands, which ensure the operator’s safety.
  • The side plate is electrical adjusted automatically while the backstop is adjusted manually.
  • Sheet cleaner is equipped to remove the contaminants on the cardboard which will improves the printing quality.
  • The upper transmission roll is made of seamless steel tube, the surface is covered wear proof rubber, which is also good at avoiding crushing the cardboard.
  • The lower transmission roll is made of seamless steel tube, with the treatment of grinding, embossing, and chrome plated.
  • The transmission between the upper and lower transmission roll is driven by double slider coupling, which is good at reducing wear down and transmitting smoothly.
  • The transmission shaft equipped with electromagnetic friction clutch, for avoiding damaging the motor in case of mis operation or overload.
  • Automatic counter for recording the cardboard supply quantity to show the output.

Print unit

  • All the rolls and shafts are made of high quality steel, with the treatment of dynamic balance correction, grinding and chrome plated.
  • The printing phase position is and horizontal movement controlled automatically by touch screen with digital display, the phase position could be adjusted CW or CCW easily with 360 degree because of the equipping of PLC and planetary gearing mechanism.
  • Equipped with ink quantity monitoring system, the machine will alarm when out of ink, and stop feeding cardboard.
  • The printing plate is hanged by the hanging plate device, the printing roll is able to clockwise rotate and counter clockwise rotate which controlled by the foot switch, it’s very convenient for installation and dismounting of printing plate.
  • Manual gap adjustment via worm reducer with graduated dial indication such as gap between rubber roll and anilox roll, gap between anilox roll and printing roll etc.
  • Equipped with electromagnetic clutch break system to fix the printing phase, when separate the printing unit for adjusting the printing phase, the break system will prevent the gear move, keep the original position.
  • Phase clear memory and reset after printing plate cleaning.
  • The distributing rubber roll is covered by wear proof rubber, it’s good at ink transmission.
  • Steel anilox roll with the treatment of grinding, pressing overlapping curve and chrome plated.

 Slotter Unit

1.      Through the 10.4-inch color touch screen and realize man-machine dialogue , the printing can be phase , the axial position of the plate number of adjustments , the menu storage , call other functions . And retain the power button to adjust the system to be completed by slotting box high . phase , axial movement of adjustment .

2.      With preloading . and ensure the board is not crushed .

3.      Pressure line package quality polyurethane wheels to ensure the board strength from destruction .

4.      Electric axial movement synchronous interaction , as the whole pre-pressure roller , pressure wire wheel , upper and lower slot cutter , steering wheel adjustment simultaneously .

5.      Press line shaft , slotted wheel made of high quality alloy steel , balancing the weight test , the surface after grinding hard chrome plating .

6.      Selection of high quality alloy steel slotted knife . tooth bland with of 7mm.

Die cutting unit:

1.      Die-cutting roller adopt high quality casting material, thickness is 30 mm, with good quality and dynamic balancing correction, hard chromium plating.

2.      Main body wallboard adopt high quality cast iron material, wall thickness is 60 mm, processing by large-scale machining center.

3.      Soft roller automatically repair institutions improve glues heath of repeated use, can repair 3-4 times.

4.      Linear speed automatic compensation, to ensure that each batch of carton die-cutting size exactly.

5.      Imported Taiwan super resistant polyurethane rubber gasket, convenient installation, the die cutting times can up to 120 million times.

6.      Six levels of fine grinding gear using 40cr material, low noise, long service life.

7.      Die-cutting roller cylinder type auto separation unit, decrease adhesive wear of glues heath (controlled by photoelectric).

8.      Lubrication system, adopting the mechanical pump oil supply device, automatic spray the circulating oil, lubricate evenly, improve the service life of gear.

Technological Parameter:





Max. mechanic speed(piece/min)




Economy speed(piece/min)




Max. feeding size(mm)




Min. feeding size(mm)




Min. slotting size





slotting type R.(mm)




Slotting type L.(mm)




Max. slot depth(mm)




Max. .thickness of board(mm)




Max. .printing area (mm)




Thickness of printing plate(mm)







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