BG-NC Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

Short Description:


★5 blades and 8scores, Electrical adjusting deflection

Expiry width 1400mm-2200mm

★Adopt electro motion lift-lower in order to change the height of paper cutting and indentation and to fit for the height of paper feeding.

★Adopts novelty thin edge high speed paper cutting, the incisions are level up and velvet

★Auto-grinding edge system can be realized in the process of production, non-stop machine grinding edge, according to material and condition of them, set the interval meter and the grinding time at any moment.

★The whole set adopt electro motion movement horizontally, assort to the cardboard excursion in effect.


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BG-NC Thin Blade Slitter Scorer


Purpose and Characteristics:

  • This machine is a kind of productive equipment with an integral whole process to separately slice the corrugated paperboard and roll the line.
  • The working axle is used the good quality seamless steel pipe and has the advantages such as wear-resisting, long using life and so on.
  • The mould of the machine can be made for three times of rolling the line and two times of prepared pressing, and it is applicable to the low-middle-high scaled paperboard for rolling the line.

Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

Purpose And Characteristics:

  • Memory of 999 order, non-stop changeover or manual change over can be realized.
  • Change over quickly, within 3 to 8 seconds.Application of two machines can realize non-speed reduction changeover.
  • Automatic synchronize with the corrugaed line and can also get in line with manufacture management system.
  • High compatibility.
  • High quality imported industry computer and PLC equipped composing the CNC system.
  • There are three types of scores:concave-convex(single wall),concave-convex(double wall) and convex-flat, which can also be alternated with electrical system Scoring can also be computer controlled with fine scoring results.
  • Thin tungsten steel alloy blade, sharp and long life of over 8 million meters.
  • Computer controlled auto grinding and manual grinding also applicable.
  • Alternative grinding the blade when slitting the board, it can increase efficiency.
  • Imported synchronous belt applied for conveying with higher precision, longer life and lower noisy

Purpose and Characteristics:

  • Design speed: 120m/min.
  • Effective width:1400-2500mm.
  • Length of cutting cardboard: 500-9999mm, Precision of cutting cardboard: ±1mm.
  • Computer system to keep order.
  • Man-machine conversation system NC.
  • Automatic adjust cutting speed by cardboard specification and machine.
  • The screen display various production message.
  • Can consult, modification, superaddition and cancel order during running machine.
  • High quality servo motor, the servo drive system import from Germany.
  • Tr and mission system adopts oil pump auto-Cy lubricate.
  • Exact and adjustable no gap gear assure knife-edge joggle exactly.incision quality good, beeline degree high, protect knives.
  • Single face conveyor machine:Max.stacking height 2000mm,Max stacking length 1800mm,Design speed: 100m/min.
  • Conveyor system after the slitter and cutter is applied to delivery the board on two direction, for rise efficiency and easy stacking.
  • It will be more suitable for large or moderate manufactories of offset printing box .



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