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lIn an effort to get everyone excited for “The Office! A Musical Parody”  we decided to pay tribute to “The Office” by pulling some epic pranks. Emily, Brandon and I decided that the only person who we could pull these pranks on is, of course, Buzz. Buzz may be like the Michael Scott of this office but he’s the only one who we thought these pranks would work on. We recently pulled the jello prank on Buzz (video to come later) and it didn’t work out the way we wanted; we couldn’t find a stapler so we had to go with Buzz’s bell instead.

We think this next prank will go much better. We put Buzz’s stuff in the vending machine. If you’re not sure how this prank goes, it’s real simple check out how “The Office” did it.

Yes, we are friends with the vending machine guys from Del Norte Snacks and they did help us out to ensure that we got Buzz’s stuff in the vending machine.

We figured Buzz wouldn’t notice right away, but Brandon has a video (to be uploaded later) of Buzz walking right in front of the vending machine and not even realizing his stuff is in there. It is currently 7:57 A.M. MST and he hasn’t noticed that his bell, his sound effects buttons, his Trump troll doll, and the giant fist are missing from his studio. We think we need a vending machine break. Now we wait.

Buzz is a little upset that the Jell-O messed up his bell, so if anyone wants to get him a Christmas gift, feel free to send him a bell.

Post time: Dec-30-2019