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IndiaCorr Expo, SinoCorrugated India Edition and India Folding Carton will be held at the Delhi-NCR Greater Noida India Exhibition Center from September 5th to 7th, 2019. The exhibition brought together two events and attracted 260 exhibitors from 12 countries.
IndiaCorr Expo – SinoCorrugated 2019 is a business platform for the entire value chain of the corrugated packaging industry. It provides industry participants with opportunities to purchase machinery, establish connections with business prospects and learn technology in order to conduct business more effectively and expand international influence. IndiaCorr Expo will exhibit newly-listed machinery, raw materials and auxiliary equipment as well as international pavilions, which will be very useful for buyers participating in the exhibition. The exhibition will continue to feature the ICCMA conference, which is an industry initiative. Thought leaders will discuss the challenges and opportunities the industry faces while providing opportunities for exchanges.
Anuj Mathur, Chief Operating Officer of Reed Exhibitions India and member of the board of Reed Manch Exhibitions, said: “The Indian packaging industry has been showing tremendous growth and is expected to achieve a vibrant business future in India. We believe that with IndiaCorr Expo, we will continue to Manufacturers and end users provide knowledge and the right business opportunities to create a favorable business platform conducive to their business success. I welcome all industry stakeholders to participate in this promising event.”
IndiaCorr Expo and India Folding Carton, covering an area of ​​10,000 square meters of commercial space, will host about 260 exhibitors from India and overseas to meet the needs of corrugated carton manufacturers, processors, corrugated carton and related packaging designers, industry consultants, and printing The needs of manufacturers, processors and end users. Some major players include Ample, Amylodex, Arden, BHS, BKG corrugated paper rolls, Bobst, Boix, Erhardt + Leimer, Esko, Fosber, Hotron Heaters, Linux, NBG, Robus India, Suba, Valco Melton, VIG Graphics, NMC, etc. There is China-Croatian India, just to name a few.
India Folding Cartons will run simultaneously with IndiaCorr Expo. This is a key activity for folding carton business and post-press manufacturing equipment and consumables in the folding carton industry. Packaging processors, carton manufacturers and printers will witness solutions such as carton manufacturing equipment, paper bag manufacturing equipment, software, testing equipment, paper, printer-digital, offset printing, flexographic printing, laminating solutions, inks and other consumables.
According to the requirements of major brand owners, India’s corrugated packaging industry is facing huge competitive pressure, commercialization, strict compliance and review procedures. Due to the disruption of almost every market segment from service to manufacturing, the packaging industry is undergoing a huge and rapid cultural change.
In order to overcome current challenges, it is essential to be fully prepared to deal with headwinds in an appropriate manner to achieve sustainable business growth. The theme of ICCMA Congress 2019 is “Coping with Disadvantages-4C-Commercialization, Coexistence, Compliance and Culture”. Spokespersons and team members across the country should exchange views and expertise on relevant topics. The conference will be held on September 5, 2019.
The exhibition will also feature the India Flexographic Printing Expo, a unique platform that brings together various solutions from raw materials to machinery. The expo prides itself on being the only one who has contact with the nerves of flexographic printing and therefore creates a niche space for themselves in the industry. Participants will benefit from the displayed solutions, such as flexographic printing machines, flexographic rollers, flexographic inks (water-based), adhesives, laminating solutions, paper, dyes, printing plates, conveyor belts, plate making machines and auxiliary equipment Wait.
“IndiaCorr Expo, India Folding Cartons, ICCMA Conference and India Flexo Printing Expo have jointly created the entire value chain for our customers, providing them with a lot of valuable business, learning and networking opportunities. We are welcome at Reed Manch You and your colleagues participate in exhibitions and conferences held at the India Expo Center.” Mathur concluded.
Visitors to the exhibition can meet representatives from South Asia Packaging Exhibition at booth M14 in Hall 11.

Post time: Aug-04-2020