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On Saturday, the Côte d’Ivoire Coast beat Mali 3-1 in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, but a painful incident occurred in the 20th minute of the match. Mali led 1-0.
That was when Mali’s agent, Alain Giresse, called the PSG guard the savior of French radio station RMC, Auriel’s instincts came into play because he helped Dolby (Doumbia) devour his tongue .
Gires said: “All the players realized that the Dumbia was suffocating and was about to swallow his tongue.” “At that time, Aurier and one of our players quickly put him by his side and stretched out. Tongue out because he is about to die.”
Despite his heroic moves, Aurier did cause some turmoil late in the game, as he used a cut-throat posture in celebration of Ivory Coast’s third goal.
After Aurier was suspended by PSG last season for appearing offensive remarks on the then manager Laurent Blanc, the recent troubles have also come to an end. Last month, he was sentenced to two months’ imprisonment by the French police (he is currently appealing) before being accused of attacking the police.
After Cardiff City and Fulham staged an exciting second leg at Craven Lodge on Thursday, this will be the West London Derby to advance to the finals.
The Villagers entered the game in Wales with a 2-0 advantage, but Cardiff put the tie on his ear after only two minutes of the intermission of the second round.
The game was a 1-1 goal. When Fulham’s Neeskens Kebano and Cardiff’s Curtis Nielson came on the field, the substitute Lee Tomlin cleared up a mess in the backcourt and gave the Blue Jays a second. The goal came to the host game on Thursday.
Fulham hopes to be absent for a year, and Brentford has not played first-class football since the 1946-47 season.
Asenal-Chelsea: Frank Lampard wants Chelsea to bring silverware into the new season because he already has a place in the Champions League.
Yes, the stakes are high for Saturday’s FA Cup final, and the winning side of that game will meet the blue London opponent at 12:30pm ET.
Arsenal set a record 13 times in the FA Cup, twice as high as Manchester United and five times as high as Saturday’s opponents. Chelsea won the 2018 championship last time, and Arsenal won last season.
Although Chelsea is still very active technically, losing 3-0 to Bayern Munich and 16 home games of the Champions League in Europe, but the FA Cup final is undoubtedly the two clubs winning silver medals in the first game of the new manager. Best opportunity. Responsible season.
Arsenal do not have Bernard Leno, Kalum Chambers, Skrodan Mustafi and Gabriel Martinelli. It seems that Hector Bellerin will be the game time decision.
American star Christian Pulisic did not experience any injury issues. He said that despite being on the bench against Liverpool, he “never encountered real problems” in the final weeks of the season. .
Pulisic also talked about the hardware of the ultimate and challenging old friend and mentor Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. From ESPN:
“The final is up to us, and they are more willing to play on the day. Obviously, this gives us confidence that we have always been in good shape, performing well, and will try to introduce it into the game. In the end, this is a game. Everything will happen.”
According to DraftKings’ statistics, Arsenal won with +235, while Chelsea won with +114, increasing their free throw chances by +250.
In this season’s Premier League, the Blues scored 4 of 6 points in the Arsenal game. They won 2-1 in the UAE on December 29, and won 2-2 at Stamford Bridge three and a half weeks later.
Chelsea proved that he is both an opportunity creator and an opportunity waster, and able to defend against mistakes. It can develop in any direction. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette, Nicolas Pepe and Bukayo Saka are electronic geniuses who can punish the blues. Pulisic has a huge opportunity to spend another great moment in his young career. We call it kicking.
The former USMNT scorer and manager of Las Vegas Lights has been appointed as the inaugural coach of the Bronx-based third-tier club New Amsterdam FC.
Wynalda, 51, and Lights severed their relationship during the coronavirus pandemic, a move described by the coach as having something to do with money.
Wynalda led the management to make waves for the first time. In 2012, he led the independent California football club deep into the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.
In his games, he has scored 34 goals in Germany, the United States and Mexico. This is the centurion of USMNT.
NISA has nine teams ready to start the fall games in August: New Amsterdam, Karl United, Chattanooga Football Club, Detroit City Football Club, Los Angeles Forces, Michigan Stars, New York Universe, Oakland Roots and Stumptown Sports. The San Diego 1904 football club has been off, and the league announced its New Jersey teammates as well as Connecticut and Rhode Island clubs.
“Sky Sports” reported that the Brazilian got offers from Barcelona and Chelsea, and Arsenal also expressed interest, but the biggest offer came from MLS team Inter Milan.
Even though the 31-year-old seems to find the other end of the mountain soon, few Willian players of the same kind reach MLS, which is still near the peak of his power. We saw what happened to Carlos Vela and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who had never hit Willian’s peak.
He tied with Chelsea for second with 9 Premier League goals and led the team with 7 assists. Willian’s 2.1 key passes per game ranks sixth in the PL.
Will Inter Milan consider bringing Willian along and allowing him to obtain short-term loans in Europe? This may alleviate some of his concerns about the decline in reputation (and so does money).
Donetsk (Shakhtar Donetsk) and Chelsea (Chelsea) are both UEFA Cup/Europa League champions, and the only jewel left in his team sports crown is the Champions League. The temptation may be more than money, especially considering the fact that the salaries of Chelsea and Barcelona are much higher than the minimum wage?

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