Corrugated Box Cutting Die Machine

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Die cutter machine according to the different forms of embossing, mainly divided into three types of  rotary die cut machine, flat bed die cut machine, flat platen die cut machine.

Lead edge feeding rotary die cutting machine is characterized by line contact, die cutting pressure, high production efficiency, and offset printing machine, flexo printing machine, gravure printing machine and other printing equipment can be connected to the line die cutting, so the scope of application is relatively wide.

  • Details: The machine in the original traditional circle pressure circle, on the basis of the mechanical structure, draw lessons from Martin of the world's advanced technology, developed by our factory technical personnel's meticulously make a mechanical structure more reasonable and perfect
  • High efficient: 80pcs/min,100pcs/min,120pcs/min
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    Lead edge feeder unit

    Lead edge feeder positioning paperboard, electromagnetism adjusts feeding speed

    Vacuum suction type feeding paper, the wind energy can be adjusted to make sure feeding paper smooth and accurately.

    Left/right baffles adjust by manual guiding mechanism, moving steady and accuracy

    The clutch alarm and Pneumatic locking, operation is safe and reliable.

    The feeding rollers: upper is multislot rubber roller, lower is embossing roller.

    The scope of two feeding rollers is adjusted by the dial worm wheel, adjusted scope 0-12mm, with slipper structure, when adjustment the transmission gear keep on correct meshing.


    Die Cutting Unit

    Roller adopts high quality steel, hard chromium plating, high precision dynamic and static balance increase running stable.

    Mould roller and rubber roller can auto separate by cylinder eccentric device when the machine don’t die-cut, this can lighten machine load and increase rubber roller and die knives life.

    Matching with feeding system with air pressure type auto up and down device, the mould roller will up when feeding paper, the mould roller will down when stop feeding paper and make sure every paper die-cut correctly.

    With mechanical transmission, rubber roller move 40mm in left and right side, equipped radial differential device, it can make rubber roller wear uniformly, and increase service life of rubber roller.

    Die-cut phase adopts Micro-computer phase device and electric digital 360 degree adjustment

    Machine with rubber correcting device, the rubber roller can be used after many times correction

    Free version slotting unit, no need to make the die mould when making normal box, saving cost and improved efficiency

    Equipped with high quality conveyor belt, to achieve waste discharge function, easy to clean up waste.





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